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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Angeli Model House - Inner Unit ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens Floor area: 42 sqm | Lot area: 36 sqm
Angeli Model House - Single Firewall ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens Floor area: 42 sqm | Lot area: 54 sqm
Angelique Model House ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens Floor area: 35 sqm | Lot area: 36 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Installment Downpayment
20% downpayment for pagibig financing payable in 18 months
15% downpayment for bank financing payable in 18 months
Inhouse financing
12.5% downpayment in 18 months
Spot Downpayment
Spot downpayment within reservation month - 10% discount
Spot downpayment within 30 days from reservation date - 8%
Spot Cash
Spot cash within reservation month - 12% discount
Spot cash within 30 days from reservation date - 10%
Deferred Payment
100% in 24 months

Reservation fee: Php 7,000

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Bria Binangonan. For starters, each residential area has a lot of room for your family and all of your belongings. Every house and lot is designed to give you a quality place to call home.

Along with an exceptional residence, Bria Binangonan’s location in Rizal is an amazing combination of accessibility to the metro and various sorts of ecological wonders that surround your home here. Due to this advantage, you can relish beauty of Bria Binangonan’s natural environment and still accomplish your duties in the big city. Furthermore, traffic won’t be a problem due to the presence of major roads that can reduce travel time to a minimum.

Your security and leisure time is emphasized when you get a property in Bria Binangonan. Each resident in this development is assured of utmost safety and amenities that cater to your entertainment. With these amenities by your side, you can be assured of a more peaceful and comfortable lifestyle.

All of these reasons, and even more, are waiting for you in Bria Binangonan. All it takes is for you to make that big leap and your residential lifestyle be never be the same again.

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