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Bria Binangonan Is located at Rosal St. Brgy. Tayuman, Binangonan Rizal.

A new house is certainly a huge investment that needs to be considered carefully. Along with the property itself, you also have to include the location in which your future home can be found. First and foremost, this location should be far away from disasters or any kind of threat to your personal safety. Second of all, this property should be accessible to important establishments you frequent on a daily basis. Last, but not the least, your future home should be surrounded by various forms of public transportation to ease your commuting experience. Fortunately, all of these location-based qualities can be found in Bria Binangonan.

Nothing beats the benefit of waking up to a place that’s filled with all sorts of ecological wonders. This benefit will help you be more motivated and focused in the tasks you do every day. When you choose Bria Binangonan to be the place where you and your family will reside, you can open your eyes each morning to a view Metro Manila can never offer you. Located in Barangay Tayuman in Binangonan, this residential property is surrounded by the very best Mother Nature has to offer. With such a short distance to Laguna de Bay, you can catch a view of this inland lake that will really mesmerize you. And there are also a lot of trees everywhere you turn, giving you the advantage of a cleaner environment here.

Along with all of the wonders Bria Binangonan has to offer you, its location is also one that’s easy to access. This residential property is connected to different thoroughfares, such as Manila East Road, East Bank Road, and Taytay-Angono Coastal Road, can bring you to major parts of the metro with no trouble at all. In just a short amount of time, you can be in Quezon City and Pasig City for your duty at work and other important errands. Plus, commuting won’t be too much trouble for you when the need arises. There are a lot of public transportation means near this residential property to safely bring you to the city and back. With this advantage, you can enjoy the best of both worlds anytime you want.

Your home should always be filled with the supplies you need. That’s why it’s so important to live in a property that’s near shopping establishments to ensure your family won’t lack anything. In this case, your home in Bria Binangonan is within close proximity to commercial centers, like Central Mall, Evermore Complex, and Water Market Stage Station. These places are just minutes away from you, ensuring you can shop for basic supplies anytime you want.

Along with your professional career, your children’s education is also equally important. The good news is, your residence in Bria Binangonan is surrounded by reputable schools you can choose from. You can take your pick from Binangonan Catholic College, St. Constantine Institute of Science and Technology, and ICCT Colleges Binangonan. These three schools promise quality education your kids deserve in a location that’s strategic for your family.

There’s always a choice when you’re aiming for a home that helps you balance every aspect of your life. One of the most important factors is location and choosing a wrong one for your home can really be detrimental. Make the wise choice today by getting a house and lot in Bria Binangonan today. Once you’ve done so, you can have a healthy mix of nature, accessibility, and all the vital establishments in the palm of your hands.

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